Top 10 countries with the toughest laws

We will never know what tough means when it comes to law if we don’t look at every law that exists. Maybe for something that we consider normal, in some countries is forbidden. In the US, there are many crazy laws, but the most bizarre are usually in the eastern part of the world. You can get more info on how the law works in the US, but for some countries there is no rational answer. When you look at some of the laws we are talking about, maybe you will change your mind when it comes to toughness.

  1. Malaysia: Owning a Marijuana Seed

For this offense, you can get up to 5 years in prison. In this country here are mostly people of Islamic faiths who act in accordance with the Sharia law. In last decade they have demanded that Sharia law needs to be applied in the whole country, and not only for Muslims. Also, they have great penalties for publicly expressing affection.

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  1. Indonesia: Marijuana trade

For this crime, you will get capital punishment, not only for marijuana, but also for all another kind of drugs. In the Indonesian province called Aceh, since 2003, Sharia law is applying. Since then you can be punished for things like public appearance with a person of the opposite gender and the inappropriate use of Islamic closing. There is a world map on where cannabis is legal.

  1. Singapore: Possession of pornographic content

The prison sentence for this offense is up to 3 months with additional fines. William Gibson has said once that Singapore is like a Disneyland with capital punishment. You can go to jail if you throw a piece of paper on the street. Except for jail, Singapore is using different ways of punishment, for example whipping. When in 1994 young American was charged with vandalism, he was punished with 4 strokes and eight months in jail.

  1. China: Possession of a pornographic website

The punishment for this offense is life imprisonment, but only if that website has more than 250000 followers. Associations for human rights follow China for excessive punishments. Many of the work, from the smallest ones to the worst, are punished with death. Click here to read more about it.

  1. Sudan: An insult to religion

In Sudan, if you say something bad for religion you will get up to 6 months in jail and 60 strokes. In 2009 British teacher was the charger for insulting the religion when she told to her class to give the name Muhammad to the class teddy bear. This law exists from 1983, when Sudan government applied Sharia law even for some “easy criminal acts”. There are many related laws to this one, which address itself to hate speech.

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  1. Nigeria – adultery

For adultery, in Nigeria, the punishment is death by stoning. This kind of law was starting to apply since 2000, and not only for adultery but also for using alcohol and for homosexuality.

  1. Iran: alcohol consumption

Officially, this law no longer applies, but it is said that it is still secretly applied. For this offense, the penalty is 80 strokes for the first offense, and if that repeats, then the penalty is death. In 2007, two persons were stoned for adultery, and the same punishment you can get for selling alcohol and sodomy. To read more about it, click here.

  1. Afghanistan: conversion to a religion other than Islam

Nothing new on this list, for this “offense” you can get capital punishment. There are two separate laws in Afghanistan: Sharia and Sacred. But when we speak about faith, there are very strict. Citizens can’t change their religion and they can’t insult Islam. The most popular cases were about two men, one of them turned to Christianity, and another one is a journalist who insulted Muhammad. In both cases the penalty was death.

  1. Saudi Arabia: Practicing magic

Saudi Arabia also applies Sharia law and for these offenses, you can get capital punishment: Homosexuality, sodomy, practicing magic and adultery. Women can’t testify at trial because, as males from Saudi Arabia say, they are tending to lie on the court.

  1. Yemen: Homosexuality

A similar law to one that applies in Saudi Arabia, in Yemen, you can be punished with death for adultery, homosexuality, and betrayal. One case was in the eyes of the public when a 10-year-old girl was raped by 30 years old husband, but he wasn’t punished because he divorced from her.

When are these things going to change, who knows, but one thing is sure, some of the things we have mentioned are not even an offense in the USA. So, when you say that our law is tough, think twice.