What DWI means?

Alcohol is one of the greatest enemies of safe driving because it reduces the ability to react and control the car. So when you decide to drink a cup, park your car, or in some other situation when you’re going to a party or some kind of celebration, simply don’t use your car in order to reach the intended location – take a cab. You’ll be safe, and in that way increase the protection of others.

Alcohol is one of the major causes of traffic accidents with the most severe consequences. Statistic says that almost 30 people every day in the US die in vehicle accidence because alcohol is involved. That is 1 death in every 48 minutes. And the unbelievable fact is that about 1.4m drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. Some great DWI lawyers in Houston can help you out to get away with it, but that shouldn’t make you do it again.

DWI penalties

There are different penalties for this kind of offense – it all depends on the situation. When we talk about the USA, in all states the first DWI isn’t classified as a felony, drunk drivers can get up to 6 months in prison, but that period of 6 months may be increased in different ways. Many states are requiring few days in jail for the first offense – but if that happens again then the penalties in these cases may be from few months to a year. But, when an offense is categorized as a felony – when a driver under the influence of alcohol killed or injured someone, a jail term of several years is not called into question. Read more about that here.

There are other ways how an offender may be punished. One of the options are fines – in addition to the jail sentence, an irresponsible driver may pay from $500 to as much as $2000.

In most situations wrongdoer will have problems with his or her driver’s license. It will be suspended for a certain time – for example, many states will punish the first-time offense with the suspension of 90 days, for the second offense – 1 year, and for second violation – 3 years. But still, there are some states that take further stapes so that they can make sure that the defendant doesn’t use his/her car again. In most situations judiciary cancel the registration of the car, sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily.

DWI statistics

Statistics stay that the most of offenders are young, under the age of 21 – and this only aggravates the situation with the defendant. As all we know, legal age for using alcohol in states is 21 years and if you’re younger than that and you were using alcohol were driving, that are 2 separate crimes. In this case, the defendant is considered to be an older minor so he can lose his driver’s license up to 1 year.

DWI problem isn’t only one of the main problems in the USA. It’s a global problem to which the competent institutions must seriously approach in order to reach the driver’s awareness. Let’s see the laws in different states in Europe.

In Austria for drunk drivers, penalty is from 300 to 6000 euros, in Hungary up to 4000 euros and up to 1 year in jail, and in Slovenia fine is only from 300 to 1200 euros. In France, minimal fine for DWI is incredibly low, only 135 euros, but the upper limit is 4500 euros. German drunk drivers can expect to pay from 500 euros to 3000 euros, or in other situation, they can go to jail. Spanish police will charge irresponsible offenders with 500 euros.

Most of the biggest countries in Europe like Italy, France Germany allows you to have up to 0.5 BAC while you’re driving any motor vehicle. But, in countries like Hungary or Czech, it’s punishable even if you have 0.1 BAC in your blood (which we support).

Drivers need to understand the cost of this offense isn’t only money or jail, the cost is much bigger and that can be someone’s life! And, this isn’t something complicated, you only need to follow one rule – don’t drive while you’re under the influence of alcohol, because of your safety and safety of everyone else.